DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
Drilling rig
Drilling Contractors Drilling contractors specify Duraband ® NC and Tuffband ® NC to protect their drill string assets. They trust these products for their performance and reliability. Duraband ® NC and Tuffband NC help you:
Extend the life of tool joints Reduce the number of times the pipe is pulled for maintenance Provide faster re-application of hardbanding - 100% rebuildable Non-cracking minimizes problems of spalling and cracking *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ Certified
How does it work?
Both Duraband® NC and Tuffband ® are casing friendly Non-Cracking allows for easy re-applications Previous hardbanding layer does not need to be removed reducing re-application costs Reduces the chance of spalling preventing premature re-application Duraband NC’s unique formula extends the life of the tool joint which results in longer drilling cycles between re-applications No nucleation sites for H 2 S gas
Who’s using Duraband® NC and Tuffband® NC?
Our Customer List is Growing Growing Growing!
  • Latshaw Drilling
  • Dallas Morris
  • Fountain Quail Drilling
  • Archer Drilling
  • Axxis Drilling
  • Bronco Drilling
  • Capstar Drilling
  • Dolphin Drilling
  • Egyptian Drilling
  • Ensign Drilling
  • Gulf Drilling
  • Iceland Drilling
  • KCA Deutag
  • Kuwait Drilling
  • Nabors Drilling
  • Nomac
  • Ocean Rig
  • Parker Drilling
  • Petrex SA
  • Precision Drilling
  • Saipem
  • Seadrill
  • Sidewinder Drilling
  • SST Energy
  • Transocean
  • Vantage Drilling
  • Independent Contract
  • Apexindo
  • Atwood Drilling
  • Big Dog Drilling
  • Cactus Drilling
  • Diamond Offshore Drilling
  • Doyson Drilling
  • Eurasia Drilling Company
  • H & P
  • Japan Drilling
  • Kencana
  • Maersk Drilling
  • Noble Drilling
  • Northern Offshore
  • Paragon Drilling
  • Patterson UTI
  • Pioneer Drilling
  • Rowan Drilling
  • San Antonio Drilling
  • Shelf Drilling
  • Songa Offshore
  • Stena Drilling
  • Unit Drilling
  • Weatherford Drilling