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Duraband® NC Brochure Duraband® NC is the Ideal Hardbanding Wire for All HWDP Applications Postalloy® Duraband® NC eliminates the need to maintain two different types of heavy weight drill pipe. It is a 100% crack-free hardband that virtually eliminates spalling. It provides maximum protection of the drill pipe tool joint and casing. It is both Fearnley Proctor NS-1 Certified and TH Hill Approved.

Eliminates the need to maintain two different types of HWDP Duraband® is tough enough for open hole drilling Casing friendly Crack-Free Virtually eliminates spalled hardbanding

Duraband® Hardbanding on HWDP Tool Joints in the Open Hole and Within the Casing Hardbanding drill pipe tool joints with Duraband® can help streamline operations and reduce costs in offshore drilling and fracking operations where directional drilling (horizontal drilling) is employed. Typically drillers will use heavy weight drill pipe (also referred to as hevi wate or hevi weight drill pipe, or simply HWDP) for open hole drilling up to the transition.

Then the HWDP is positioned further up the drill string in the vertical before the transition and within the casing to maintain weight on the BHA after the transition. This can mean replacing the HWDP that has tool joints hardbanded with tungsten carbide that would damage the casing, with HWDP without tungsten carbide hardbanded tool joints. Duraband can eliminate the need to maintain two different types of HWDP because it is tough enough for open hole drilling yet also extremely casing friendly. It actually polishes in service.

Hardbanding on HWDP CWP In a similar fashion Duraband can be used on the HWDP center wear pad (CWP) in both the open hole and within the casing. It offers maximum protection of the CWP and is casing friendly. For more information please see Center Wear Pad Hardbanding.

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