DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection
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Duraband® NC Brochure What is Duraband® NC? Postalloy® Duraband® NC is a 100% crack-free hardband that provides maximum protection of the tool joint and casing, and workstring completion tubing. It’s microstructure consists of a hard, but tough tool steel matrix with a high volume of tightly packed micro-constituents. This combination ensures excellent wear resistance in open hole drilling as well as being casing friendly.

Duraband® NC is unique. It is *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ certified for new applications to tool joints and certified for re-application over itself and other hardband products as specified in the NS-1™ re-application approval certificate. It is the only product for maximum protection that is applied crack-free. Choose Duraband® NC for Maximum Reliability
Duraband® NC is engineered to be 100% crack-free. It’s application procedures do not allow stress cracks. • no nucleation sites for H2S gas • abrasive and drilling fluids are not trapped in cracks Even under severe drilling conditions or ERD spalling is highly unlikely. Excellent wear qualities • no nucleation sites for H2S gas • excellent casing protection • excellent workstring completion tubing protection Eliminates costly premature re-application Faster turnaround time

For more information on Duraband® NC please review
the Duraband® NC Brochure.
Contact your Local Technical Center for further details.

Duraband® NC Hardbanding New Application to Tool Joints
Duraband® NC Hardbanding
Re-application to Tool Joints
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Hardbanding Re-Application Costs
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Duraband for Workstring Completion Tubing
Duraband®NC Extends Service Life of Work String Tubing in Shale Formations