DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
Duraband® NC | Ideal for Open Hole Drilling and Geothermal Wells
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Duraband® NC Brochure Duraband® NC Hardbanding For Harsh Drilling Environments Duraband® NC is the ideal solution for drilling in harsh environments, including open hole drilling and geothermal wells. It extends the life of tool joints on heavy weight drill pipe, center wear pads and workstring completion tubing.
It is the first product ever developed offering maximum protection that is applied 100% crack-free and it is casing friendly. Without cracks, high temperatures, steam, abrasives, and drilling fluids cannot penetrate into and underneath the hardband. It offers superior wear resistance, longer down hole life and reduced drilling costs. Duraband® NC is the ideal solution for the toughest jobs including:

Highly Deviated Wells Sour Gas Environments Geothermal Wells HTHP Wells Open Hole Drilling

Duraband® NC is *Fearnley Procter NS-1™ certified for new applications and certified for re-application over itself and other hardband products as specified in the NS-1™ re-application approval certificates. Eliminating the need to remove previous hardbanding before reapplication can reduce your costs by up to 75%. The advantages of Duraband® NC include:

Duraband® NC is engineered to be 100% crack-free. Its application procedures do not allow stress cracks. • No nucleation sites for H2S gas • Abrasive and drilling fluids are not trapped in cracks Even under severe drilling conditions or ERD, spalling is highly unlikely. Casing friendly Eliminates costly premature re-application Faster turnaround time Readily accepts tungsten-carbide

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Duraband® NC Hardbanding
New Application to Tool Joints
Duraband® NC Hardbanding
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