DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection In All Drilling Conditions
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HB Insulator Bag on Drill PipeHB Insulator Bag
HBBAG POSTALLOY® HB Insulator BagControlled cooling is critical for a consistently high quality hardband application. HB Insulators help increase quality and decrease rejections to keep costs low.View images
HBWRAP POSTALLOY® HB Insulator WrapThe insulator wrap is the same as the insulator bag except that is open at both ends to wrap center pads of drill pipe.View images
HB Insulator Data Sheet.
Welders Cap CWC-CFAC Welder’s Cap
CWC-CFAC Cotton Welding Cap 6 Panel camouflage, one size fits all. Made of pre-shrunk 100% cotton. They fit snuggly on the head and are fully reversible.
*While supplies last.
Hardband GaugePOSTALLOY® Hardband Gauge
POSTALLOY® Hardband Gauge

(U.S. Des. Patent No. D754,007)
This easy to use gauge will help you determine whether a new hardband application is needed and help set the proper stickout. Includes USA and metric measurements and slots to measure 1/32”, 3/32”, and 1/8” thicknesses as well as torch stickouts.
HBT-SM Hardband Gauge Datasheet
SpecificationsSize: 15” X 1.25”
Shipping Weight: Approximately 2 lbs/10pcs
Material: 50 Gauge Stainless Steel