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Blog January 7, 2016

by Bob Miller

Hardfacing Blog Introduction

Bob Miller is a Materials Engineer for Postle Industries. With over 45 years experience in the field of Wear Resistant Technology he offers tips, and techniques for the highest quality hardfacing on your equipment.

Bob Miller Image
Bob Miller
Materials Engineer for Postle Industries

Postle Industries, Inc. is all about information and service. This comes in many forms such as hardfacing product data sheets, application topics, videos, online Web Conferencing, on-site training, procedures, and this newly created hardfacing blog. Hello, my name is Bob Miller and I am a Materials Engineer with over 45 years in hardfacing. We have created this blog to help keep you up with the latest hardfacing topics, news, and chatter. We trust you will find this blog interesting and valuable. We also encourage anyone to respond by phone, mail, or email to any content presented here. Enjoy.

If you have a question or a comment on this blog or any hardfacing product or issue please contact Bob Miller or call Corporate Headquarters at (216) 265-9000(USA).