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Blog January 7, 2016

by Bob Miller

Hardfacing Preheating Part 3

Bob Miller is a Materials Engineer for Postle Industries. With over 45 years experience in the field of Wear Resistant Technology he offers tips, and techniques for the highest quality hardfacing on your equipment.

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Fig. 1 Miller Electric ProHeat 35 is a very nice unit for induction heating. They are expensive at first glance but they do earn their worth rather quickly.

Methods of preheating typically include propane, electrical heaters, and induction heaters. The attached 4130_preheating.pdf, is a reprint from the AWS Journal and authored by J. Walker, D. Hebble and R. Holdren of Arc Specialties, Houston, TX. They have examined all three methods of preheating on 4130 steel and drawn the conclusion that Induction heating is the most economical, safest and fastest method to preheat. This parallels my own experience, finding many advantageous features of this preheating method. It is however the most expensive in terms of equipment cost, but I have observed that the ROI is short lived. The induction method is deep and soaking, something that is paramount to achieving quality hardfacing jobs. Some pieces of equipment allow for programing the ramping up, soaking and ramping down of the heat. There is no doubt that this is an excellent way to ensure that hardfacing projects don't violate heat affected zone (HAZ) hardness values and deposit hardness values.

For additional information see the following article reprint What Is the Best Method for Preheating 4130?

I will be addressing heat affected zone (HAZ) hardness values and how to control them in a future Blog.

If you have a question or a comment on this blog or any hardfacing product or issue please contact Bob Miller or call Corporate Headquarters at (216) 265-9000(USA).