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What is hardbanding?
Hardbanding on Drill Pipe Tool Joint
Hardbanding on Tool Joint
Hardbanding is a process in which a wear-resistant alloy is applied to the tool joints of drill pipe or drill collars to prolong the life of a drill string. The most cost-effective way to protect tool joints in drilling applications is to hardband them using Duraband® NC. It protects your tool joints and your casing, and can be reapplied without removing the previous layer of hardbanding. Learn more about hardbanding.
What can Hardbanding Solutions do for you?
Don’t just hardband it..
duraband it
Don’t just hardband it..
Skye Hardbanding Equipment
From Hardbanding Solutions
For faster hardbanding removal and quality applications choose Skye Hardbanding Equipment.
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Hardbanding Solutions (Europe) LLC has revolutionized the production of hardbanding equipment for the global oil and gas market. For more information please visit hardbandingequipment.com.
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Spiralbanding On Cylinders
Spiralbanding on Drill Pipe

Spiralbanding (patent pending) is a revolutionary new technology that increases the life of drill pipe used in horizontal drilling. Lateral lengths are often swapped out with other drill pipe or even scrapped prematurely because of the additional abrasion and stresses on the mid span of the pipe body. Spiralbanding with Spiralband® NC helps eliminate these expenses and incorporates the Duraband technology that you know and trust. Learn more.

Who’s Using Hardbanding Solutions? Companies like Transocean, ExxonMobil and Weatherford trust POSTALLOY® hardbanding products to protect their tool joints. Shouldn’t you?
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Duraband Logo
Duraband Logo
Duraband is Fearnley Procter NS-1™ Certified and TH Hill Approved for application over other hardbanding. It is crack free and casing friendly. Duraband reduces or eliminates the expense of removing other hardbanding before reapplication.