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Tuffband with Tunsten Carbide
How is Tuffband® NC used with Tungsten Carbide? Postalloy® Tuffband® NC is a high hardness hardband that may be used as a weld matrix with Tungsten Carbide (WC) when casing protection is not a factor. Problems with Traditional use of Tungsten Carbide Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest and most abrasion resistant materials in industrial use today. However, it’s unique properties are mostly wasted when used for hardbanding in combination with soft steel wires. The mild steel matrix wears quickly and the tungsten carbide falls away. Why is Tuffband® NC with Tungsten Carbide better? The ultimate in wear resistance can be obtained by using Tuffband® NC in combination with tungsten carbide for use in applications where casing wear is not a factor. Tuffband® NC, with a hardness of 58 Rc, is extremely abrasion resistant so it holds the tungsten carbide in place longer. This means your hardband will last up to three times longer than traditional tungsten carbide hardbands. The benefits of using Tuffband® NC with Tungsten Carbide include:
Ultimate in wear resistance Tool joints last up to three times longer Lower maintenance costs

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