DURABAND® NC for Maximum Wear Protection
In All Drilling Conditions
Hardband Calculator Easily calculate the amount of hardbanding you need. Desktop or mobile!
Hardbanding Accessories See the new hardbanding gauge (patent pending) designed to save you time inspecting tool joints!
Workstring Tubing Learn how to extend the life of workstring tubing.
Hardbanding: Machine Setup Proper machine setup is a must for a quality hardbanding application. Learn how.
Hardbanding Procedures Proper procedures ensure the highest quality hardbanding application. Learn how.
Hardbanding with Duraband Review the steps to a quality hardband application.
Postle Academies Free training is available to help you ensure the highest quality hardbanding.
Drilling Contractor Webinar State of hardbanding technology today.
Free Hardbanding Training at Your Location Hardbanding training seminar customized for you.
Tungsten Carbide with Tuffband Tuffband® with tungsten carbide is the ultimate in wear protection.
Coffey Mfg OD Grinder Meet OD specs with Coffey's OD Grinder. See it in action.