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A New Standard in Mobile Hardbanding

In 2014, Hardbanding Solutions brought a new type of Hardbanding Equipment to our industry. Our range of Skye machines offer unrivaled consistency and ease of application with intelligent automation, torch control, and integrated plasma removal.

Since the 1980’s, Coffey Manufacturing have produced the world’s most reliable and consistent mobile hardbanding equipment.

SkyeCoffey is the combination of two technology leaders and it’s even greater than the sum of its parts. During the design process new innovations have been added to make SkyeCoffey an entirely new generation of mobile hardbanding equipment.

Made in the USA, your new SkyeCoffey trailer is delivered with everything you need to start hardbanding, excluding wire and gas.

Skye Coffey
Skye Coffey

A New Concept

Light but Strong

Our new light-weight design, constructed entirely from high grade aluminum, reduces the overall weight of our trailer
to less than 10,000 lbs, loaded and full of fuel. Combined with heavy-duty torsion suspension and a reinforced frame section, the new build provides a smoother ride and years of low-maintenance use. SkyeCoffey can be towed with a 3⁄4 ton truck, and it falls under CDL requirements.


Significant Savings

A reduction in weight of more than 30% compared to a standard unit, combined with a lighter towing vehicle, results in significant savings in transportation costs. Our new tongue-pull configuration frees
up bed space for use on the tow vehicle, which does not need to be goose-neck compliant. Toppers can be used to cover and protect valuable cargo. We listened to our customers who had to go to the expense of putting their employees through CDL test requirements. Any employee with a standard driver’s license can tow with confidence. With today’s high fuel cost and maintenance fees for commercial vehicles, SkyeCoffey costs less on tires and fuel.



Aluminum also provides protection against rust and corrosion. All units feature the latest in epoxy coatings, providing years ofprotection. Doors are thicker to withstand dents but lighter to provide easy one person operation when lifting.

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Skye Coffee Mobile is a specially designed integrated unit. It is not a conventional hardbander fitted to a trailer.This is the latest in welding technology, built to travel. Years of experience have been combined to create the ultimate configuration for mobile use in the rough environment of today’s drilling industry that provides user friendly operation, safety, and dependability:

  • Low height side entry for easy loading of pipe on included hydraulic pipe jacks.
  • Adjustable chuck and jack height to meet any rack height.
  • Operator position is optimized for view of work and full access to all controls.
  • Easy door for access at an exceptionally low step in height.
  • Wire change location at waist height beside pipe entry for effortless change over.
  • Low noise operation with hydraulics, air compressor, and generator removed from operator area.
  • A higher capacity chuck, and reinforced carriage and torch systems that can withstand the shock and abuse of harsh road conditions.

Separate Generator Power

Power to your unit is supplied by a diesel generator, separate from the welding power source. This means you have the option of powering the unit from the generator, or from house power, depending on your location. The generator provides an abundant amount of stable power for all functions and accessories, as well as your power tools.


Fronius Power Source

The use of separate power from the generator gave us the opportunity to install the latest welding technology from Fronius. The TPS 500i and 600i welding power source gives a strong and stable arc, perfect for hardbanding. Fronius technology offers the ability to control the welding process like never before, with modes, data collection, and process automation as standard.


Integrated Plasma Removal – Optional

With our optional integrated plasma system, you can remove cracked or damaged hardbanding, repair the tool joint, and apply the new layer of hardbanding in one heat cycle, without removing the drill pipe from the chuck. The entire process can be done in as little as 35 minutes, depending on the condition of the joint. An oversized commercial air compressor provides a clean and dry abundant air supply, to ensure perfect plasma operation. Auxiliary air is a bonus, for operating air tools as well as cleaning and maintaining the unit.

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Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) - Optional

Your SkyeCoffey unit can be equipped with the latest CMT welding system, including Hardbanding Solutions exclusive synergic line. CMT has been a revelation in hardbanding, used on various drilling assets. It acheives extremely low heat input with minimal dilution. Hardbanding Solutions have designed wires to complement the process with perfect applications every time. Ask your local representative for more information on CMT.


Torch Positioning System

We’ve made things easy with our unique torch positioning system. You only need one quick adjustment of height to match the size of tool joint to be welded, and then you’re ready to weld the perfect hardbands. Our new encoder technology means your torch can move however you need it to. It’s quick, simple, and spot on, every single time.


PLC Control System - 1 button welding

Once welding and torch positioning parameters are set, the operator simply must select the number of bands required and press the Weld Start button to run the program. That is it. Chuck rotation, torch oscillation and the welding begin, giving a flawless start to your application.

Our PLC control system has many ‘industry first’ features including:

  • Automatic chuck positioning to ‘home’.
  • ‘Incremental overlap’ - the start/stop of each band is staggered to avoid overlaps in a straight line which can lead to cracks.
  • Feedback from the PLC screen includes chuck position in degrees, which band is currently being welded, and actual weld time.
  • The latest encoder upgrade allows innovative programs for specialty tools and applications to be uploaded in minutes.


Our oscillation is strong and reliable, and its width is easily adjusted from 0 to a maximum of 1 1/2” with a quick thumb wheel to measured increments. We have created an efficient, stable, and linear motion (not pendulum) which results in a perfectly straight band every time and is capable of 0 - 100 oscillations per minute.


Automatic Weld Head Stepover

Designed with timesaving simplicity in mind, our automatic stepover lets you position the welding torch to your starting point, move from one band to the next and put the torch in a safe position for loading a new tool joint, all from the control panel. It’s accurate to 1/100”, with the capability to move at speeds between 0.3” and 1.2” per second. This robust stepover is designed for speed.


Fume Extraction System

Welding fumes should be removed from the working environment to protect operators. We have designed our hardbanding unit with a unique system of low and high pressure fume extraction, directed through carefully positioned vents. This will remove all welding fumes without disturbing gas flow at the welding torch.

This feature is critical for health and safety conscious organizations.


Training and Technical Support – Always Included

At Hardbanding Solutions, we are absolutely determined that our customers get the most out of our products. That is why we offer on-site training as standard with the purchase of any of our units, as well as free on-site technical presentations
to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in drill pipe and casing protection.


We believe welders should be trained on their own equipment, in their own working environment. So, we come to you - no matter where you are in the world.

Training usually takes 3-4 days and sessions include:

  • Preheating - How to achieve a soak heat every time.
  • Welding parameters - Learn about the settings required for a perfect hardband.
  • Production capacity - How to increase efficiency to weld more joints in one shift.
  • Removal & repair - Successful plasma arc removal of damaged hardbanding and effective repair of the tool joint.
  • Reapplication - Learn which tool joints are candidates for reapplication and how to deal with incompatible materials.
  • Build-Up - How to restore the diameter of worn tool joints with Postle build-up wires.
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