Support for Hardbanding Applicators

The Hardbanding Solutions Certification Program

At Hardbanding Solutions we have always believed in knowledge sharing to benefit our industry as a whole. Between our experts, located around the globe, we have more than 7 decades of experience in drill string protection. Our attitude to service companies like yours is to assist wherever and however we can to ensure your hardbanding service is successful. We can provide equipment, hardbanding materials, training and continued support.

We have created a network of more than 200 certified applicators across 6 continents. Our applicators can be certified to 3 different levels depending on the level of testing they submit. A license to apply Duraband NC, Tuffband NC, Ultraband NM, Coolbanding, etc. is valid for 3 years. We issue company and individual certifications. Our aim is always to work with our applicators. We don't pass blame for mistakes, but we do offer the solution to make certain they don't happen again.

If you would like to become a certified Hardbanding Solutions applicator, please contact us at the link below.