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Next Generation Hardbanding Equipment

Hardbanding Solutions has revolutionised the production of hardbanding equipment for the global oil and gas drilling industry. Pioneering and perfecting new technology, we’ve engineered a world leading range of units for the simple and successful application of hardbanding to drill pipe.

Offering the very best in functionality and the highest level of quality and reliability, our products are easier to use than any other hardbanding machine on the market. We know, because we’ve been there.

Having spent most of our lives in welding and hardbanding, we’ve put everything we’ve learned along the way into creating the first fully automatic and mobile units to be operated with only minimal training, effort and manual input.

You can download our Skye USA brochure here, or our Rest of the World brochure here.

"The Skye hardbanding unit, which was delivered by Hardbanding Solutions, is manufactured with the highest quality of components. Construction of the machine is very well thought out, with very low maintenance, easy access to all switches, and intuitive control. The high quality of this machine makes us proud to have it in our workshop. We were especially pleased that both the control panel and PLC displays were provided in our Language. An additional advantage to buying the unit from Hardbanding Solutions, is Durband NC training for our operators, and the certification of our Mechanical Workshop for using this method to repair and protect Drill Pipe Tool Joints. Delivery time of the unit was according plan without any delay, and allowed us to start work with our Skye Hardbanding unit according to schedule. The manufacturer of the unit also keeps enough Duraband NC wire in stock to guarantee fast delivery to our workshop."

Drilling Contractor Service Division, Europe