Slip cut damage2

Slip Cut Repairs

Slip cut damage2

Slip cut damage

Slip Cut Repair

With todays increased cost on tubulars including workstring completion tubing the need for a solution for slip cut damage repair is essential.

The majority of downgraded workstring completion tubing is due to slip cut damage created when making up and/or breaking out connections. Unlike drill pipe, the dies that torque the connections make contact on the tube area. When making up or breaking out torque is elevated, so the dies can slip and penetrate the pipe body causing cuts that exceed the accepted depth allowed in inspection criteria, leading to a downgraded asset.

Postle industries have developed a specific procedure using specialized welding technology, accompanied with a wire and welding line designed for this application. The procedure successfully repairs moderate slip cut damage and returns downgraded assets to service. This unique technology allows welding at greatly reduced heat and dilution providing little impact to the base material. The slip cut repair deposit, the heat effected zone (HAZ), and base metal retain identical hardness after repair.

Slip cut repaired crop

Repaired workstring completion tubing

This procedure requires specific welding equipment with Hardbanding Solutions exclusive welding line software, carried out by our licensed applicators. It can be done in-house or in field operations when weather provides a suitable environment to control cooling rates.

Extensive laboratory work including destructive testing have proven that this procedure eliminates any negative impact on the pipe body. Thousands of feet of repaired assets are being used downhole today, with 100% success rate.

With the cost of new workstring completion tubing rising as much as 300% recently, as well as long lead times, the repair of simple cuts have provided customers a solution to recover rejected assets, and save potential significant sums in replacement costs.